2011 Displays Beginning

Skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving, Kohl’s started setting up their displays late late week!

Personally, I am surprised that they don’t try to cross-market the village and get a Halloween spin-off theme going on a smaller scale.  Although it is tough because of their name, they could probably pull off “St. Nicholas Halloween” or “St. Nicholas Square – at Fall” (for Halloween, Thanksgiving), “- at Spring” (for Easter) and “- at Summer” (4th of July, carnival, etc).

Would you buy in to seasonal expansions?

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35 Responses to 2011 Displays Beginning

  1. Paula says:

    yes I would defintely buy the Halloweeen. Menards carry really nice Halloween ones, I especially like the carnival themed ones there.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am looking for the snowmobile. Do you know if it is still available?

  3. Michael says:

    I think as long as I can find room to store them after the season is over I would defintely buy Halloween or fall themed village. It would be great to have one big village that blends from one season to another.

  4. shawna lieto says:

    I would love if they came out with a halloween themed one. I would villages for every holiday

  5. Gen says:

    Yes. I am buying a different company for those holidays. But I really like the way these are made better. Would love for them to expand to all other holidays.

  6. Charles says:

    Started my collecting last year as an add-on to my train collection as well, I am very fascinated with this product, couldn’t wait until after Thanksgiving to go hunting for many, many more components, I am hunting for the telephone company, doughnut shop, train set, sleigh ride, public library, and cars.

  7. Sharon Robinson says:

    I have a St Nicholas Square double walled mug that came with a silicon lid. Unfortunately the lid has disappeared. Does anyone here have information, like an address or phone # where I could call and possibly purchase a new lid?
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  11. Terri says:

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