Clean up

Thank you for sticking it out during a very long bout of non-activity and during the holiday season to boot.  Perhaps in 2012 we can flush out this site and get some other people access to post items…

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2011 Brochure / Checklist

Enjoy! Full PDF here:  2011FullBrochure

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2011 Displays Beginning

Skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving, Kohl’s started setting up their displays late late week!

Personally, I am surprised that they don’t try to cross-market the village and get a Halloween spin-off theme going on a smaller scale.  Although it is tough because of their name, they could probably pull off “St. Nicholas Halloween” or “St. Nicholas Square – at Fall” (for Halloween, Thanksgiving), “- at Spring” (for Easter) and “- at Summer” (4th of July, carnival, etc).

Would you buy in to seasonal expansions?

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2011 New Buildings!

The new buildings are:
Stone church
ABC day care
Phone company
Doughnut shop
Vet hospital

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I am not quite sure if people are able to easily find this website, but I hope that those that do enjoy it!  The St Nicholas Square village collection is a great one to collect because it is not insanely expensive, plus, it only dates back to 1990 and in Christmas village years, that is not too old!

I’d like to see this site become a little more robust.  If you found your way here, please let me know how!  Was it a websearch for St Nicholas Square, or did you find the link somewhere?  In any case, thanks for stopping by!

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Bulbs not working?

I noticed that the bulbs for the train station, movie theater, and other pieces with an inside bulb and outside “string” of mini bulbs sometime come packaged as the wrong wattage.  If your inside bulb is not working on the pieces, check to make sure the wattage isn’t too much for the adapter to handle.  It may fit in the socket but the adapter won’t be strong enough to light it.  Try a lower wattage bulb that matches the output listed on the adapter, and good luck!

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13 More Pictures added

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Shared molds

I saw these 2 schools on eBay.

If they are not using the same mold, then someone did some reverse engineering to create theirs!

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Snow Cover Blanket

Kohl’s still has the snow cover blanket in stock and is only 59 cents!

Thanks for stopping by!

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St Nicholas Square Village in the News

I found a pretty cool article on a fellow collector.

Terry if you read this, give us a shout out, and good luck with the Superbowl, I bet you are excited.

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